A project in glass - hand formed matter


The color in glass has been a relevant topic in glass production since ancient times. Nowadays, modern glassware is full of transparent glass that is clear and sparkling, in fact, the first people to experiment with glass had no control over its color, Over time, though, they learned — probably by accident — that adding certain substances to the molten glass mixture would produce different colors of glass, which also the crystal-like glass gradually emerged. Throughout the history of glass production, the colors in glass have turned from uncontrollable to controllable, and have manifested themselves in glassware in response to people's needs.

The sense of space in the glass is also another key topic. In traditional glass manufacturing, molds occupy an important position. This process usually involves creating a negative space to create a positive space object. Interestingly, the representation of color in the glass is also dependent on the volume of the glass changing, which also reflects the process of making the glass object and the sense of time.

Based on the two essential elements, through my design, by adding more variation in positive and negative space, I want to show how colors are invading into the glass and get interacted with each other.