In the Name of Love





In Beijing, there is a special place called "Sunvillage", an autonomous NGO charity organization that frees access to a special group of disadvantaged children — the minor children of the prisoners.

Their main assistance includes:
⋅ Collecting social donations and supplies
⋅ Life guidance, development of hobbies, vocational training
⋅ Non-profit farms grow fruit and vegetables, fruit trees can be adopted
⋅ "Love Market"
⋅ Open to volunteers

When I started to be a volunteer there, I was originally willing to take the kids as the target audience and wanted to design something that would help them. After half a year, I found that even if they need support for living, it is not the most urgent thing that they want. According to my observation: The people who want to help them are quite an important part there and the kids need to face it every day. The unsuitable donations, spoiling... those kinds of problems are becoming more and more serious.

To build a "system" which has to have the ability to ask questions and trigger thinking. The aim is to make people immersively experience the abstract emotion and try to understand the "scale" — feel more about the deep thoughts of the children and themselves.

Material distributions top view

Thanks to Yanpeng Guo (XINHUANXIANG)

As Sunvillage is currently an NGO with no fixed support from the government, its maintenance still needs help from society. If you want to give a hand, please visit

Special thanks to the leader, staff and volunteers at Sunvillage.