Body modification and Jewelry , since their emergence, has been a unique cultural phenomenon in human society. As things that are independent from the human body, they work as a concrete expression of what human beings want to communicate to the outside world. The hole - on the other hand - marks a negative, tiny space that requires blood, pain and patience, for the connection we voluntarily establish with jewelry as a part of our body, can also be a body jewelry on its own. If the hole is not connected to the jewelry, it still is a special mark of jewelry on our bodies, which belongs to both the human and the jewelry.

Based on thinking of this socio-cultural phenomenon, I focused on making holes in a jewelry's fashion. I selected four rather representative perforations on the human body and I interpreted them in abstract forms, also accompanied by some interviews. Ceramic is a kind of moist material, it can well express the softness of human body. These objects and holes have been exaggeratedly enlarged in order to present the concept more dramatically.

Finalist of The Signature Art Prize

Special thanks to @changchihheng