A project in glass - hand formed matter


Drinking is a topic that has both a temporal and a spatial dimension. From the Middle Ages, when people mixed each other's drink in their cups to show their friendship (and to avoid poisoning), to today's parties with all kinds of alcohol; from the red wine bottle on the Eastern table to the "Cin Cin" (from Chinese) when Westerners clink glasses, drinking as a traditional social behavior has a cross-cultural communication role.

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The process of drinking wine fully engages the five human senses and has commonalities - seeing the color and flow, smelling the aroma, touching the glass with your hand, clinking the glass to make a pleasant sound, tasting... Glass, as an ideal material to serve alcohol, contributes to the drinking experience.

This work is trying to explore the potential of glassware as a carrier of alcohol, and thus provoke new thinking about the culture of drinking.

surface studies

Performance: Yanshan Ou, Yu Shao Hsuan